Nezo Finance is live

Early this year, we started our journey to make decentralized finance easier and more accessible to everyone. It’s been quite the journey amidst the raging pandemic, as well as a few technical setbacks, but today, we’re proud to announce that Nezo Finance is finally going live!

“The future of money”

There is no denying that the promise of DeFi — which is to bring access to financial services to the masses — is closer to fruition than ever before. However explosive its recent rise may be, though, the technology’s inherent complexity, as well as the seemingly infinite number of specific service providers in the market is proving to be a barrier too high for mass adoption to overcome.

While there is no silver bullet to global DeFi adoption, we’ve been working on something that could get us pretty close.

Your one-stop DeFi hub

With this launch, we hope to bring us several steps closer to jumping that final hurdle, and we aim to do this by building an all-in-one platform that features DeFi solutions essential to nearly everyone: from the crypto-savvy to the unbanked.

The Nezo Finance ecosystem will boast:

· Multiple highly demanded DeFi solutions under one roof

· Interconnected features that will bring value and utility to one another

· A streamlined interface for an intuitive, user-friendly experience

· Full interoperability with its partner platforms

· Its own native token, the Nezo Token (NZO).

What’s coming your way

With the NZO token sale coming up fast, we’re psyched to offer a glimpse of what’s in store for would-be stakeholders.

Multiple revenue streams

Nezo Finance users and NZO holders will be pleased to know that they will be able to benefit from multiple revenue streams within the ecosystem. Token holders, especially those in the top tiers, will qualify for bonus rewards, discounts, and various other perks throughout the platform. Users may also earn through more conventional means such as lending, trading, and liquidity farming.

Flagship products

Becoming the world’s go-to for their DeFi needs requires a robust ecosystem of services that is also functional and easy to access; we’re confident to say that we haven’t been skimping one bit on that end. While not everything will be available during launch day, the team will continuously be putting in work to roll each service out soon.

Designed with simplicity and security in mind, Nezo Staking will allow users to easily and safely stake their tokens in various pools and earn rewards based on the amount of NZO staked.

Users may also find a ton of utility in Nezo Escrow, which is a P2P time/event-based token transfer and payment service using an automatically generated smart contract, allowing parties on all sides of an agreement to enter into trustless, tailor-made contracts.

A more straightforward revenue stream within the platform, Nezo Lend provides users a smoother way to find or provide loans that are within their preferred parameters (i.e. loan amount, collateralized crypto asset, interest rate, etc.) by matching them with each other.

And finally, the two projects we’re most excited about: Nezo DEX and Nezo Pad — scheduled for 2021 — will be the biggest pieces of our ecosystem, and is projected to propel our community to new heights.

Nezo DEX will be a non-custodial, fully decentralized crypto exchange that features margin trading, limit orders, and where users can enjoy faster transactions at lower fees.

Nezo Pad is set to be a low-cost, reliable launchpad for startups looking to run their token sales and have full control over their OTC parameters. This also allows loyal members of the community to participate in token sale rounds, all while being protected from shady schemes by Nezo Escrow’s token transfer smart contracts.

This is but a sneak peek at what we envision for Nezo Finance and the decentralized finance industry, and with your (the community’s) support, we believe we’ll soon be able to provide more people a way to participate and find their place in the future of finance.

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The all-in-one DeFi ecosystem with multiple highly demanded features from one interface.